SEA GIRLS - Homesick (Deluxe Ed. w/ 2 Bonus Tracks) - CD
SEA GIRLS - Homesick (Deluxe Ed. w/ 2 Bonus Tracks) - CD

SEA GIRLS - Homesick (Deluxe Ed. w/ 2 Bonus Tracks) - CD

Label: Polydor SKU: 02090 Catalogue ID: 3865913 Format: CD
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SEA GIRLS - Homesick (Deluxe Ed. w/ 2 Bonus Tracks) - CD

SEA GIRLS - Homesick (Deluxe Ed. w/ 2 Bonus Tracks) - CD



CD - Deluxe Edition with 2 Bonus Tracks

Following the huge success of their top 3 debut album in 2020, one of the UK’s finest bands, Sea Girls, release their enthralling, highly-anticipated new album Homesick on Polydor.

A band well and truly into their stride, Homesick sees Sea Girls, Henry Camamile, Rory Young, Andrew Dawson and Oli Khan, deliver thirteen measures of guitar driven pop brilliance including 2 bonus Deluxe tracks. A deeply personal record, lead singer Henry Camamile returned to his childhood home in Lincolnshire at the wake of the pandemic, finding himself having to address and reflect on events from his past, both good and bad. A cathartic process, Henry leaves nothing to the imagination with his astute storytelling and candid lyrics. Delving into some of his darkest moments, the uplifting album comes as a sense of relief, a gratefulness for survival. Lyrically raw and packed to the brim with hooks, the band step into new realms with an added sense of maturity and a bigger ambitious sounding record.

Teaming long-term producer Larry Hibbitt with Grammy Award winning Producers Jacknife Lee, Jonny Coffer and Cass Lowe to co-produce the record, Henry reflects on the process: “Imagine us locked down in the studio in rainy Brixton working with the producers remotely on the album in California’s Topanga Canyon. That clashing of worlds is the sound of this record, the DNA. Making an album this way, remotely and 5000 miles apart, was a crazy idea and shouldn’t have worked, but it did”

Sea Girls, one of the most exciting guitar bands to have emerged in recent times, are the torchbearers for the next wave. Delivering sing-along anthems for the masses, the band’s journey is well and truly on its way.


1. Hometown
2. Sick
3. Lonely
4. Someone’s Daughter Someone’s Son
5. Sleeping With You
6. Paracetamol Blues
7. Again Again
8. Lucky
9. Higher
10. Cute Guys
11. Friends