CHUCK BERRY - Vinyl Story (with Comic Book) - LP - Vinyl [OCT 13]

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CHUCK BERRY - Vinyl Story (with Comic Book) - LP - Vinyl [OCT 13]

CHUCK BERRY - Vinyl Story (with Comic Book) - LP - Vinyl [OCT 13]



LP - Black Vinyl with Comic Book.  

What do Elvis Presley, the Beatles and all the other rockers have in common? They all performed songs by Chuck Berry. Rhythm, musicality, intelligent lyrics, sensuality, insolence, humor, style... It's all there! His records are the perfect rock'n'roll vade mecum.

Chuck Berry is a blues-based composer who doesn't shy away from country, pop, jazz and Latin influences. The creator of a new form of popular music, he is one of the founding fathers of rock'n'roll. His Chuck Berry-style guitar playing became the basis for many musicians who followed him in his career, Keith Richards, guitarist with the Rolling Stones, being one of the most famous. On this subject, the film Hail! Hail! Rock'n'Roll (1987), in which the eternally facetious master plays on his pupil's nerves.

As an author, Chuck Berry is an observer of society, a commentator on an era, and a poet in his expression. Paul McCartney says: [...] The Beatles were enormously influenced by his music. Songs like "Sweet Little Sixteen", "Rock And Roll Music", "Maybellene" and "Memphis Tennessee" are just a few of the great classics born from his pen.

In short, Chuck Berry is undoubtedly Rock'n'Roll's most important personality.


1. Maybellene
2. Roll over Beethoven
3. Too Much Monkey Business
4. School Day (Hail! Hail! Rock'n'Roll)
5. Rock and Roll Music
6. Sweet Little Sixteen
7. Johnny B. Goode

1. Carol
2. Around & Around
3. Memphis Tennessee
4. Merry Christmas Baby
5. Almost Grown
6. Back in the U.S.A.
7. Let It Rock
8. Nadine