CARNIFEX - Necromanteum - LP - Neon Green w/ Purple Splatter Vinyl [OCT 6]

Label: Nuclear Blast Records Catalogue ID: 4065629706715 Format: Vinyl
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CARNIFEX - Necromanteum - LP - Neon Green w/ Purple Splatter Vinyl [OCT 6]

CARNIFEX - Necromanteum - LP - Neon Green w/ Purple Splatter Vinyl [OCT 6]



LP - Neon Green w/ Purple Splatter Vinyl

After existing as a band for over 18 years, Carnifex continue to experiment with fresh song arrangements, and adding a unique sense of atmosphere to their inherently deathcore foundation. When it came time to record, these orchestrations were brought to life by film score composer Spencer Creaghan.

“We would send the pre-production to him and then he would write off of the riff, adding an otherworldly atmosphere and elevating the guitars. Spencer is a wonderful writer.”

The recording process took place over the course of several weeks with producer Jason Suecof in Florida, and saw the return of live drums since Covid restrictions made doing so on Graveside Confessions impossible. Mastered by Mark Lewis in Nashville, TN, the album was also co-produced by Vocalist Scott Ian Lewis and drummer Shawn Cameron.

Carnifex fans who love to see the band live will not be disappointed as there are plenty of exciting tour plans set for the rest of 2023 into 2024, with new track Torn In Two already creating buzz from the band’s last trek on the road.

“This album is for the fans,” states Lewis. “We’re always striving to give you the best version of us, but it’s only ours until we turn it in. Then it becomes everyone else’s record. It’s a form of entertainment, and we truly hope to help listeners break away from real life, and have some escape into our little world through the Necromanteum.” Carnifex is Scott Ian Lewis, Shawn Cameron, Cory Arford, Fred Calderon, and Neal Tiemann.


1. Torn In Two
2. Death's Forgotten Children
3. Necromanteum
4. Crowned In Everblack
5. The Pathless Forest
6. How The Knife Gets Twisted
7. Architect Of Misanthropy
8. Infinite Night Terror
9. Bleed More
10. Heaven And Hell All At Once