CARL COX - Electronic Generations - 2LP - Vinyl

Label: BMG SKU: 22091 Catalogue ID: 4050538804027 Format: Vinyl
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CARL COX - Electronic Generations - 2LP - Vinyl

CARL COX - Electronic Generations - 2LP - Vinyl



2LP - Black Vinyl

The legendary Carl Cox returns with his first artist album in over 10 years. Titled Electronic Generations, the 15-track techno opus is the first album of his to be released via BMG, marking an exciting new chapter for the DJ icon as a recording artist. Having spent the last two years in his Melbourne studio creating music and taking his production to a whole new level, Carl is ready to unveil his first body of work as a live electronic artist and is excited to take the album on the road later this year to perform it completely live.


Side A

1) Electronic Generations (El Rancho Mix)
2) Lokma
3) Our Time Will Come
4) Heads Up

Side B

1) Toys Out Of The Pram
2) Bring It Back
3) Deep Space X

Side C

1) Keep The Pressure On
2) Get After It
3) Line Lock
4) World Gone Mad

Side D

1) Speed Trials On Acid
2) Move The Crowd
3) Apollo Beings
4) See The Sun Rising