CAPTAIN BEEFHEART - Unconditionally Guaranteed (+ Poster) - LP - 180g Clear Vinyl [RSD2021-JUL 17]

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CAPTAIN BEEFHEART - Unconditionally Guaranteed (+ Poster) - LP - 180g Clear Vinyl [RSD2021-JUL 17]

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART - Unconditionally Guaranteed (+ Poster) - LP - 180g Clear Vinyl [RSD2021-JUL 17]



RELEASE DATE: July 17th, 2021
CAT NO: 3544585
BARCODE: 602435445854



Side One
1. Upon The My-O-My
2. Sugar Bowl
3. New Electric Ride
4. Magic Be
5. Happy Love Song

Side Two
1. Full Moon, Hot Sun
2. I Got Love On My Mind
3. This Is The Day
4. Lazy Music
5. Peaches

– Unconditionally Guaranteed

LP – Limited Edition 180g Clear Vinyl
• Only 1,250 copies pressed
• Cut to lacquer from 1/4” analogue masters
• Includes “Unconditionally Guaranteed” promotional poster.)


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Universally recognized as being the works of a true maverick genius, the canon of recordings by the late, great Captain Beefheart aka Don Van Vliet – often ably assisted by his Magic Band – rank amongst the most important and influential rock music ever created and continue to inform and influence musicians to this day whilst also garnering a following of new, young musically adventurous rock fans along the way.

Within these works the 1974 album Unconditionally Guaranteed is a true hidden gem which has been rightfully elevated to cult status over the years since its first appearance.
Originally released by Virgin Records in the UK (and Mercury Records in the USA) “Unconditionally Guaranteed” represents a fascinating pivot point within Beefheart’s recordings.

Known as he was for his more oblique amalgams of delta blues, avant-garde jazz and rock on albums such as Trout Mask Replica and Clear Spot, Unconditionally Guaranteed captures a musical moment when Beefheart deviates from that path and embarks on an exploration of more melodic soundscapes into which he continues to contribute his uniquely poetic lyrics delivered via his instantly recognizable vocals.

The 10 tracks on Unconditionally Guaranteed include a bevy of elliptical yet beautiful love songs such as “This is the Day” and the wonderful “Lazy Music” which is undoubtedly one of Beefheart’s most ravishing and mesmeric recordings. By contrast the album opener “Upon The My-O-My” is a great example of Beefheart and The Magic Band delivering their trademark, earthy take on rock at its very best.

On Unconditionally Guaranteed Beefheart is ably assisted by a fantastic line-up of the ever-changing Magic Band that includes key alumni such as Zoot Horn Rollo, Art Tripp, Rockette Morton and Alex Saint Claire. The album is produced by Andy Di Martino.

Unavailable on vinyl for over 20 years this Record Store Day 2021 reissue of Unconditionally Guaranteed returns this fantastic album to the vinyl racks where it should be.

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