BUMMER - Dead Horse - LP - Grey / Blue Vinyl

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BUMMER - Dead Horse - LP - Grey / Blue Vinyl

BUMMER - Dead Horse - LP - Grey / Blue Vinyl

€30.99 €14.99


LABEL: Thrill Jockey


BARCODE: 0790377548112



01. JFK Speedwagon
02. Barn Burner (You Boys Quit Whippin’ Those Whips)
03. I Want to Punch Bruce Springsteen in the Dick
04. E1M1
05. Donkey Punch
06. Juice Pig
07. Kid Spock
08. Quadruple ZZ Top
09. False Floor
10. Magic Cruel Bus
11. Rareware

BUMMER – Dead Horse

LP – Indies Exclusive Limited Grey/Blue Vinyl
(Includes Inner Sleeve + download code.)

Kansas City trio BUMMER mirror the absurdity of modern life with a balance of dark humour, dejected nihilism and righteous fury. Their music spills out in torrents of skull-crushing riffs, gargantuan bass and caustic howls delivered at breakneck speed with gleeful abandon.

Following their split 7” with long-time friends The Body, which teased a more focused, lean sound for the group, ‘Dead Horse’ hones BUMMER’s auditory desolation and scathing gaze to laser-point precision.

In eleven short vignettes the quartet lay waste to everything in their path, penning a vitriolic overview of life in the American Midwest, a surprising blend of onestar Trip Advisor review and insightful cultural critique.

“[BUMMER] puts the ‘power’ in power trio as they play a raw and primal form of aggressive music that splits the difference between ‘Bleach’-era Nirvana and the early, primitive thrash of Slayer. It’s aggressive and inyour- face, but doesn’t skimp on melody, making their songs memorable. So, there is power and a bit of precision to what they do. A whole lot of volume, too.” – New Noise Magazine

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