BRYAN ADAMS - So Happy It Hurts - CD

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BRYAN ADAMS - So Happy It Hurts - CD

BRYAN ADAMS - So Happy It Hurts - CD




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1. So Happy It Hurts
2. Never Gonna Rain
3. You Lift Me Up
4. I’ve Been Looking For You
5. Always Have, Always Will
6. On The Road
7. Kick Ass
8. I Ain’t Worth Shit Without You
9. Let’s Do This
10. Just Like Me, Just Like You
11. Just About Gone
12. These Are The Moments That Make Up My Life


BRYAN ADAMS – So Happy It Hurts

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So Happy It Hurts is the brand new album from platinum selling, award-winning artist Bryan Adams. It marks Bryan Adams’ 15th release and features 12 new songs co-written by him.
Bryan Adams is one of the most exciting live musicians in the world and his energetic performance, effortless stage presence and incredible vocals are guaranteed to thrill and entertain. Adams’ influence extends 4 decades, over which time he has released 14 studio albums. His song writing has garnered him numerous awards and accolades including three Academy Award nominations, five Golden Globe nominations and a Grammy Award.

Of the new album Bryan says: “The pandemic and lockdown really brought home the truth that spontaneity can be taken away. Suddenly all touring stopped, no one could jump in the car and go,” says Adams. “The title song ‘So Happy It Hurts’ is about freedom, autonomy, spontaneity and the thrill of the open road. The album of the same name, touches on many of the ephemeral things in life are really the secret to happiness, most importantly, human connection.”

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