BLACK MARKET BRASS - Chemical Plant Zone - 7" - Vinyl

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BLACK MARKET BRASS - Chemical Plant Zone - 7" - Vinyl

BLACK MARKET BRASS - Chemical Plant Zone - 7" - Vinyl



LABEL: Colemine Records


BARCODE: 0674862655465



A) Chemical Plant Zone

B) Sagat Theme

BLACK MARKET BRASS – Chemical Plant Zone

7″ – Black Vinyl

It’s 1992. You’re seven to twelve years old. What are you doing? You’re probably biking home from Blockbuster with a Sonic the Hedgehog 2 cartridge. You’ve waited weeks to get your paws on it, but since it’s still a “new release,” it’s only a three day rental. No matter – you’ve already stocked a whole weekend’s worth of Surge and Fun Dip. You fire up your Genesis. Your television screen erupts with a blinding flash of white light, as The Blue One tears across the screen leaving the letters S – E – G – A emblazoned in his path. You’re in a tizzy. Your thumbs begin to twitch in anticipation. Level two, CHEMICAL PLANT ZONE, is uncharted territory. Your palms start to get sweat as you see toxic sludge fill the screen. The Surge and the Fun Dip hit you at the same time. Rings, spin dashes, Chaos Emeralds…everything blurs into a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes and sounds and… Yousnap out of it. It’s not the nineties. It’s 2021 and you’re in your 30s. Drats. The Good News: you’re holding the new Chemical Plant Zone 45 by Minneapolis rascals Black Market Brass. A 12-piece psych-afrobeat band covering music from the Sonic 2 soundtrack?