BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME - Colors II - 2LP - Black / Purple / Yellow Vinyl

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BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME - Colors II - 2LP - Black / Purple / Yellow Vinyl

BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME - Colors II - 2LP - Black / Purple / Yellow Vinyl

€27.99 €17.99


LABEL: Sumerian Records

CAT NO: 0810016763932

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Side A:

  1. Monochrome
  2. The Double Helix of Extinction
  3. Revolution in Limbo

Side B:

  1. Fix the Error
  2. Never Seen / Future Shock
  3. Stare into the Abyss

Side C:

  1. Prehistory
  2. Bad Habits
  3. The Future is Behind Us

Side D:

  1. Turbulent
  2. Sfumato
  3. Human is Hell (Another One with Love)


– Colors II

2LP – Black / Purple / Yellow Vinyl
(Black Inside Grimace Purple Inside Trans Highlighter Yellow. Die-cut sleeve.)

Colors II is the tenth studio album from American progressive metal band Between The Buried and Me.

Throughout 2020, the band members wrote remotely before congregating in Winston-Salem, NC with longtime producer Jamie King. Instead of adhering to a conceptual thread, the conditions gave the concept meaning.

“Musically, it flows like a sequel to Colors, but it wasn’t just another version of that album,” Tommy goes on. “On the original, I was analyzing myself and analyzing humanity. With last year, I was in a perfect position to do that. I wrote lyrics in the same way, but they felt new. It was more of a real-world concept by virtue of making a continuation.”

They introduce the album with the pummeling single “Fix The Error.” Galloping thrash drums collides with a wah-ed bass solo and carnival-esque keys before launching into gritty verses. It twists and turns towards a hardcore chant punctuated by topsy-turvy vocals and mind-numbing fretboard fireworks underpinned by drum solos by an ironclad trifecta of Mike Portnoy, Navene Koperweis, and Ken Schalk.

“The intention was to write a metal song with a big gospel vibe,” smiles Tommy. “It turned into this monster. It’s a small story on the record about this guy who lives in a big apocalyptic city. He retires from his job, but he wants to take down this huge corporation. The song is a celebration of taking down corruption and saying, ‘Fuck you’, to the man. It’s about as punk as we’ll ever get.”

Meanwhile, the nine-minute “Revolution In Limbo” steamrolls through frenetic keys with fascinating guitar movements and a head-spinning vocal ebb-and-flow. “The songs are meant to flow in and out of each other like one big chunk of music, creating a seamless and chaotic musical journey,” the frontman observes.
Between The Buried and Me encode various “easter eggs” for fans of the original Colors inside of the opening salvo of “Monochrome” and “The Double Helix of Extinction,” while “Bad Habits” calls back to the lyrics of “Ants Of The Sky” with the line, “Sleep on…fly on.” “There are a lot of fun nuggets,” Paul continues. “You’ll hear certain instrumental parts and lyrics that remind you of Colors. Everything comes full circle.”

In the end, Colors II sees Between The Buried and Me make a similar connection. “Music’s purpose is to help,” Tommy leaves off. “That’s a big theme of this album. Once our songs are done, they belong to our listeners. Maybe this will help them move forward creatively or in life.” “I hope audiences get a feeling similar to what they got when Colors came out,” Paul concludes. “This is a full 80-minute album experience. For years, fans have told us how much they loved Colors. I hope they feel the same way about Colors II.”

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