BETH HART - Bang Bang Boom Boom - LP - Transparent Vinyl

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BETH HART - Bang Bang Boom Boom - LP - Transparent Vinyl

BETH HART - Bang Bang Boom Boom - LP - Transparent Vinyl



LP – Limited Edition Transparent Vinyl

Bang Bang Boom Boom was the follow-up to the highly successful soul-rock covers album Don’t Explain, a collaboration with blues sensation Joe Bonamassa. The album features 11 original Beth Hart tracks and is an artistic statement that hits the bullseye, delivering on Beth’s fizzing potential, and finding her at peace with herself and looking to the future.

“This album is a new voice,” she concludes, “and I feel like it’s a whole new place for me to go. I mean, I hope that I get to keep working for the next 40 years and die old, and if I get that chance, I’d keep going down this path. I’m happy. This album is a whole new start for me…”

On Bang Bang Boom Boom Beth gives her eclectic influences free rein, spinning from Spirit Of God‘s brassy gospel to the sparse Window, with her first-ever piano solo on Swing My Thing Back Around, and an impossibly tender vocal on the Billie Holiday-flavoured Baddest Blues.


Side A
1. Baddest Blues
2. Bang Bang Boom Boom
3. Better Man
4. Caught Out In The Rain
5. Swing My Thing Back Around
6. With You Everyday

Side B
1. Thru The Window Of My Mind
2. Spirit Of God
3. There In Your Heart
4. The Ugliest House On The Block
5. Everything Must Change