BATTLES - Juice B Mixed - 12" - Vinyl

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Barcode: 801061944711

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BATTLES - Juice B Mixed - 12" - Vinyl

BATTLES - Juice B Mixed - 12" - Vinyl

€14.99 €7.99


Stirling Bridge (DJ Dairy
& DJ Orient (black midi)
IZM (Shed Remix)
Juice B Crypts (Delroy
Edwards Remix)
Carnaval Supremo (DJ
Nigga Fox Remix)




BARCODE: 0801061944711

BATTLES – Juice B Mixed

12″ – Black Vinyl – Includes Download Code – Indie Store Exclusive

Battles, New York City’s preeminent experimental rock duo, release a 12” of remixes from DJ Dairy and DJ Orient (black midi), Delroy Edwards, Shed, and DJ Nigga Fox, titled Juice B Mixed via Warp Records.

The release sees the aforementioned artists using an array of sounds from across the spectrum of Battles’ latest LP Juice B Crypts, released late last year. In utilizing the wide array of sounds, the remixers have created work that is not singularly indebted to one song or another, rather inspired by the sonic world of the album and serving as an extension of it. The remixers have utilized this creative freedom to the fullest, delivering a collection of songs that occupy distinctly different spaces of the electronic music landscape while retaining a shared connectivity to the original work. 4 uniquely individual remixes, remixing one of the uniquely individual bands of the new millennium, tied together by experimental spirit and a shared musical perspective.