BAMBARA - Dreamviolence - LP - Vinyl [OCT 6]

Label: Wharf Cat Records Catalogue ID: WCR140lp Format: Vinyl
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BAMBARA - Dreamviolence - LP - Vinyl [OCT 6]

BAMBARA - Dreamviolence - LP - Vinyl [OCT 6]



LP - Black Vinyl. 

DREAMVIOLENCE is BAMBARA’s full-length follow-up to their ac­claimed debut EP Dog Ear Days (2010). After playing countless deafening shows in their hometown of Athens, touring the US in sweaty house shows and sharing bills with Iceage, Grimes, Litur­gy, A Place to Bury Strangers, and Parts and Labor, BAMBARA decided to leave their beloved Athens and move to a basement apartment in Bushwick, Brooklyn for a change. Here they practiced, slept and recorded for the majority of 2012. Following the release of a Kate Bush cover and a 10 minute improv noise EP RINGS early in the year, BAMBARA began to work on DREAMVIOLENCE.

With a minimal recording set-up and little sunlight, the band was able to completely capture the dark, grimy, noisy sound they are known for while maintaining the lush beauty that glues it all to­gether. Reid’s voice croons and snarls the fragmented images of the city. Blaze and William’s driving rhythm section plows and swings through the dirge of vocal noise with furious power. BAM­BARA doesn’t want you to get comfortable in DREAMVIOLENCE. They prefer to send you through vortexes of haunting noise be­fore you reach the dreamy euphoria waiting in the wreckage. 

Since 2008, Bambara have reined nigh-unintelligible noise into something more artfully restrained, but the wildness remains intact. – Pitchfork

Bambara hail from Athens, Georgia, famously home to REM and The B-52’s, but what they do is far noisier, angrier, scarier. They sound like a band always on the lookout for something bigger. – The Quietus

Bambara write chaotic songs held together with formless washes of noise and anxious vocal drones, crafting pallid but vibrant pieces that thrashed with...mutant energy. – VICE


1. All the Same
2. White Dresses
3. Bird Calls
4. Hawk Bones
5. Young Mother
6. Nail Polish
7. Train Daze
8. Bar
9. Divine Teeth
10. Z
11. Breaker
12. Blonde
13. Disappear