BAKAR - Nobody's Home - LP - White Vinyl

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BAKAR - Nobody's Home - LP - White Vinyl

BAKAR - Nobody's Home - LP - White Vinyl

€24.99 €9.99


LABEL: Black Butter

CAT NO: 19439937411

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1. Noun
2. Youthenasia
3. The Mission
4. Reclaim!
5. Not from Here
6. Ginger Pubes
7. Alone Again
8. Runaway
9. Riot
10. Free
11. Change of Heart
12. NW3
13. Gotham
14. Build Me a Way

BAKAR – Nobody’s Home

LP – Limited Edition White Vinyl

Debut studio album by Bakar, released four years after the British artist’s first full-length project, the mixtape ‘BadKid‘ (2018).

It’s difficult to label Bakar under one specific genre, and that’s something he’s extremely proud of. Bakar’s music is a melting pot of indie, rap, rock, and punk and the young musician even labelled his music style as “schizophrenic.” In an interview with Complex, Bakar explained his iconic sound, “If people saw me and presumed the kind of music I make, 90% of them would say rap or hip-hop. I could be on every single playlist on Spotify and feel at home there.”

Growing up, Bakar was a fan of hip-hop music, but at the age of 14 he had an eye-opening experience when he was introduced to indie music. Since that day Bakar knew that his artistry was much bigger than just one genre of music. His debut mixtape Badkid premiered in May 2018 and features his hit dynamic single “Big Dreams.” The 11 track project perfectly captures Bakar’s mastery in creating fresh beats and disrupting genre stereotypes. Bakar just recently unleashed his latest EP, Will You Be My Yellow?, which is an absolute masterpiece.

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