ATMOSPHERE - Overcast! (2021 Repress) - 2LP - Vinyl

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Label: Rhymesayers Entertainment SKU: 27787 Catalogue ID: RSE8LP Format: Vinyl
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ATMOSPHERE - Overcast! (2021 Repress) - 2LP - Vinyl

ATMOSPHERE - Overcast! (2021 Repress) - 2LP - Vinyl

€25.99 €12.99


LABEL: Rhymesayers Entertainment


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  1. 1597
  2. Brief Description
  3. Current Status feat. Beyond
  4. Complications
  5. 4:30AM
  6. Adjust feat. Beyond
  7. Clay
  8. @
  9. Sound Is Vibration
  10. Multiples
  11. Scapegoat
  12. Ode To The Modern Man (Lightning Blend)
  13. WND
  14. Multiples (Reprise)
  15. Caved In
  16. Cuando Limpia El Humo
  17. The Outernet
  18. Untitled Hidden Track

ATMOSPHERE – Overcast!
(2021 Repress)

2LP – Black Vinyl
(Includes download card)

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Finally, after years of being secluded in the basement, this stormy 18 track debut from lyrical word workers slug and spawn has arrived and is rippin’ it’s way across the globe towards your local underground scene, urging allheads to keep their eyes to the sky and check the weather. Contains the underground classic “Scapegoat” plus two bonus tracks, one being the trailer park anthem “Primer“. Production by Ant.

Overcast! marked the start of a storied career that still shows no signs of slowing. While Slug and original co-member Spawn’s rhyme patterns and wordplay may have hinted at some of their influences, their creative songwriting and inventive concepts, paired with Ant’s brooding and melodic production, made the album stand apart from its predecessors.

Overcast! covers a range of topics and moods, from the dramatic storytelling on “WND“, to the sobering reflections on “Caved In“, to the meticulous imagery and cultural dissection on “Clay“, all joined by a wealth of clever punchlines and metaphors coming together to form a well-balanced and diverse collection of lyricism. Of course, there’s also the aforementioned “Scapegoat“, with its beautifully ominous musical backdrop and Slug’s perfectly-scripted satirical rant, which took the underground by storm and played a significant role in opening ears to what the Midwest had to say.

Although widely considered an underground classic, the full-length Overcast! album was never pressed on vinyl until a limited edition pressing, celebrating the album’s 20th anniversary in 2017. Now re-packaged and produced for wider distribution, fans everywhere can add this re-mastered masterpiece to their collection. Celebrate Atmosphere’s legacy of creative expression with the album that started it all!

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