AMYTHYST KIAH - Wary - Strange - LP - Vinyl


Barcode: 0888072226616

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AMYTHYST KIAH - Wary - Strange - LP - Vinyl

AMYTHYST KIAH - Wary - Strange - LP - Vinyl



LABEL: Rounder

CAT NO: 7222661

BARCODE: 0888072226616



1. Soapbox
2. Black Myself
3. Wild Turkey
4. Hangover Blues
5. Fancy Drones (Fracture Me)
6. Firewater
7. Tender Organs
8. Ballad Of Lost
9. Sleeping Queen
10. Opaque
11. Soapbox (Reprise)

AMYTHYST KIAH – Wary – Strange

LP – Black Vinyl

Amythyst Kiah is redefining the limits of roots music. Today, the mould-shattering singer / songwriter who Rolling Stone calls “one of Americana’s great up-and-coming secrets,” makes her Rounder Records debut with the release of a radically reimagined version of her song “Black Myself.”

With an unforgettable voice that’s both unfettered and exquisitely controlled, Amythyst’s ability to cross boundaries is born from struggle. Growing up a Black and LGBTQ+ woman in the Bible Belt, she experienced severe social anxiety, grief, alienation – and ultimately, the hard-won triumph of total self-acceptance.