ALLEN STONE - Apart - LP - Orange Vinyl

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ALLEN STONE - Apart - LP - Orange Vinyl

ALLEN STONE - Apart - LP - Orange Vinyl



LABEL: ATO Records


BARCODE: 880882455217



1. Unaware

2. Give You Blue

3. Bed I Made (Feat. Alessia Cara)

4. Brown Eyed Lover

5. Lay It Down

6. Consider Me

7. American Privilege

8. Circle

9. The Wire

10. Where You’re At

11. I Know That I Wasn’t Right

12. Is This Love? (Bob Marley cover)


LP – Limited Edition Orange Vinyl

Since making his full-length debut in 2010, Allen Stone has built a devoted following on the strength of his deeply reflective yet wide-eyed and radiant form of soul music. On his new album Apart, the Washington-based singer/songwriter reimagines some of his most beloved songs to date, stripping each lavishly arranged track back to the very essence of its creation. Not only an ideal showcase for his powerfully emotive voice, the result is a testament to the magic within Stone’s artistry: a profound understanding of music’s potential to imprint upon our lives, and a commitment to creating the kind of songs that endlessly impart wisdom and comfort and undeniable joy.

Featuring 11 songs culled from his last three albums—and one exquisite Bob Marley cover—Apart kicks off with the dreamy rumination of “Unaware.” In a departure from the lush and eclectic arrangement of the original (a cut from his 2011 self-titled sophomore effort), the track unfolds in sparse acoustic guitar work that sweetly heightens its mood of aching frustration.

One of the most breathtaking moments on Apart, “Bed I Made” finds R&B star Alessia Cara joining Stone for a serendipitous duet.

All throughout Apart, the simplicity of each song affirms Stone’s gift for drawing immense power from the most nuanced expression. On “Consider Me,” he twists a stunning standout from Building Balance into a gorgeously stark declaration of love, layering countless vocal takes to create a gospel-sized choir. Stone closes out Apart by transforming Bob Marley’s classic love song into a luminous piano ballad laced with his heart-stopping vocal runs.

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