ALEX SOMERS - Siblings - 2LP - Vinyl

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ALEX SOMERS - Siblings - 2LP - Vinyl

ALEX SOMERS - Siblings - 2LP - Vinyl

€31.99 €15.99


LABEL: Krunk

CAT NO: 0190296810152

BARCODE: 0190296810152



01. Weeping Willow
02. Oh Willow I Die
03. Deathbed
04. Between Us
05. Tell Star (for Joe Meek)
06. Dim
07. Oh No
08. Kimblings
09. Dreaming Boys
10. Avalanche
11. One
12. Whirlpool
13. Looking After

ALEX SOMERS – Siblings

2LP – Vinyl

Musician, composer, producer and visual artist Alex Somers releases his debut album Siblings in tandem with his other debut album Siblings 2. Two double albums housed in a beautiful single sleeves Siblings and Siblings 2 have been a long time coming, being written between 2014-2016.

Siblings and Siblings 2 have 13 hauntingly beautiful, impressionistic tracks apiece, the records draw on the composer’s main musical interests – film composition, ambient, post-classical, post-rock and electronica – combining grandeur and intimacy, broad brushstrokes and subtle detail, minimalism and maximalism.

A known composer Somers has worked on an already prolific amount of film and TV music, such as Captain Fantastic, Honey Boy, Here We Are: Notes For Living On Planet Earth, Audrey, Taylor Swift’s Miss Americana and (with Sigur Rós) the Black Mirror episode Hang The DJ on Netflix. In parallel, Somers built a studio where he recorded the likes of Sigur Rós, Jónsi, Julianna Bardwick, Death Vessel and Damien Rice, and continued with his own recordings. Remarkably, given his vast experience, Siblings and Siblings 2 are the first albums under his own name.