ALEX G - Trick - LP + 7" - Vinyl

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ALEX G - Trick - LP + 7" - Vinyl

ALEX G - Trick - LP + 7" - Vinyl



 LP + 7″ – Black Vinyl

(With printed inner. Bonus 7″ features Sarah / Adam / 16 Mirrors on vinyl for the first time.)


Trick, an early album from the prodigious Philadelphian singer-songwriter Alex G, is now back in stock on vinyl. Alex’s fourth album was originally self-released digitally on his Bandcamp, but received the physical attention it deserved following the release of his breakthrough fifth album DSU, remastered and issued on vinyl in 2015 for the first time.


With three more original albums released since, Alex’s cult-like fanbase, which includes the likes of Frank Ocean, only ever increases, and Trick remains a firm favourites as more fans discover his prolific back catalogue. Songs like “Sarah”, “Advice” and “Change” are soaked in the distinctive personality of Alex G, displaying a serious knack for melodic songwriting underneath unconventional guitar lines and scrawls of fuzz. These early records only reaffirm that Alex G is one of the most distinctive American musicians today.

LP Tracklisting:

A1. Memory
A2. Forever
A3. Animals
A4. String
A5. Advice
A6. People

B1. Whale
B2. Trick
B3. Kute
B4. So
B5. Mary
B6. Change
B7. Clouds

Bonus 7″ Tracklisting:
1. Adam (Bonus Track)
2. Sarah (Bonus Track)
3. 16 Mirrors (Bonus Track)