AL BROWN /  PAOLO BALDINI - Dub Cuts - LP - Vinyl

Label: Pressure Sounds SKU: 26856 Catalogue ID: PSLP112 Format: Vinyl
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AL BROWN /  PAOLO BALDINI - Dub Cuts - LP - Vinyl

AL BROWN /  PAOLO BALDINI - Dub Cuts - LP - Vinyl



LP - Black Vinyl.

This set of Al Brown dub mixes by Paolo ‘DubFiles’ Baldini was a project that Pressure Sounds had been itching to tackle for some time. They finally got around to starting on the mixes during the lockdown period, when everyone had a little more time and headspace lucky for some.

Al Brown is a fine Jamaican singer who came closest to troubling the UK charts with his Al Green cover version ‘Here I Am Baby.’ In the early 1980’s he recorded a beautiful album, backed by Inner Force, which was inexplicably never released, and thought to be lost forever. When Al Brown’s original multi-track tapes were miraculously discovered, he handed them over to Pressure Sounds, who had them restored and beautifully mixed by Paolo ‘DubFiles’ Baldini, with a sympathetic blend of overdubs on top of the original backing tracks.

These dubbed-out mixes are firmly in the roots reggae tradition of classic Jamaican recordings from the 70s, blended with the tastefully restrained modern studio techniques of today. Tracks range from the heavy dubs of ‘Ghetto Situation’ and ‘Dub Me Again’, to the funkier ‘Liquid Dream’, featuring Toike Mitsuhiro from Japan on vibraphone. Working from his Alambic Conspiracy Studio, which is stuffed with an eye-watering selection of vintage and modern audio gear, Paulo ‘Dubfiles’ Baldini has used ancient lost tapes to create a beautifully crafted modern classic, (CD format includes five extra tracks).


1. Paolo DubFiles Baldini/Al Brown - Dub me again [04:39]
2. Dub of books [04:00]
3. Ghetto situation [03:55]
4. Liquid dub part 1 [05:06]
5. Hungry dub part 1 [04:48]
6. Poor and simple version [05:12]
7. Family version [04:17]
8. Ghetto love part 1 [03:20]