AKSAK MABOUL - Redrawn Figures 2 - LP - Vinyl

Label: Crammed Discs SKU: 15868 Catalogue ID: CRAM308LP Format: Vinyl
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AKSAK MABOUL - Redrawn Figures 2 - LP - Vinyl

AKSAK MABOUL - Redrawn Figures 2 - LP - Vinyl



LABEL: Crammed Discs


BARCODE: 876623008392



A1. Tous Ko (Aksak Maboul Reconstruction)
A2. Un Caid (Hello Skinny Remix)
A3. Dramuscule (Ohh_Luuu Remix)
A4. Retour Chez A (Felix Kubin Remix)

B1. L’adieu A L’Histoire (Tolouse Low Trax Remix)
B2. Fin (Stubbleman Remix)
B3. Un Caid (Old School Rmx By Jordan Fields X Marc Hollander)
B4. Anatomy Of A Dramuscule (Matias Aguayo Interpretation)

AKSAK MABOUL – Redrawn Figures 2

LP – Limited Edition Black Vinyl

During the year which followed the release in 2020 of Aksak Maboul’s Figures double album, 14 artists revisited or remixed songs from the acclaimed “comeback” opus. All of these colourful interpretations make up two separate, limited-edition vinyl LPs.

Participants in Redrawn Figures 2 include the respected electronic music artists Felix Kubin (DE), Tolouse Low Trax (DE), Hello Skinny aka Tom Skinner (Thom Yorke’s new bandmate in the Smile project, GB), Matias Aguayo (CL/DE) and Stubbleman a.k.a. Pascal Gabriel (GB/BE) and up-an-coming beat maker ohh_luuu (US). Additionally, Aksak Maboul’s Marc Hollander has reworked 2 tracks, one with Chicago house veteran Jordan Fields (US).

The cover of the LP features a visual remix painting by renowned French painter Herve Di Rosa of Veronique Vincent’s painting for the cover of the original Figures album.

See below for tracklisting…