AKSAK MABOUL - Redrawn Figures 1 - LP - Vinyl

Label: Crammed Discs SKU: 15867 Catalogue ID: CRAM307LP Format: Vinyl
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AKSAK MABOUL - Redrawn Figures 1 - LP - Vinyl

AKSAK MABOUL - Redrawn Figures 1 - LP - Vinyl



LABEL: Crammed Discs


BARCODE: 876623008385



A1. Silhouettes (Vanishing Twin Remix)
A2. C’est Charles (Shungu Remix)
A3. Tout A Une Fin (The Notwist Version)
A4. Eyelids & Phosphenes (Aksak Maboul Reconstruction)
A5. Sophie La Bevue (Cate Le Bon Interpretation)

B1. Hotel Suites (Carl Stone Redesign)
B2. Un Caid (Spooky-J Remix)
B3. Uccellini – The Menace (Aksak Maboul Full Version)
B4. Retour Chez A (Kate Nv Remix)
B5. Charles Undresses (And Goes To Bed) (Aksak Maboul Edit)

AKSAK MABOUL – Redrawn Figures 1

LP –  Limited Edition Black Vinyl

During the year which followed the release in 2020 of Aksak Maboul’s Figures double album, 14 artists revisited or remixed songs from the acclaimed “comeback” opus. All of these colourful interpretations make up two separate, limited-edition vinyl LPs.

Participants in Redrawn Figures 1 include the experimental pop luminaries The Notwist (DE), Cate Le Bon (GB), Kate NV (RU) and Vanishing Twin (GB), revered experimentalist Carl Stone (US), up-and-coming beat makers Shungu (BE) and Nihiloxoca‘s Spooky-J (GB) and Aksak Maboul‘s Marc Hollander.

In order to extend the fun (and push the title’s metaphor a bit further), Aksak Maboul asked the contributors to the two vinyl LPs to also revisit Veronique Vincent‘s painting which adorned the front cover of the Figures album. So the artwork of Redrawn Figures 1 features 16 “redrawings” of the original cover, done by most of the artists, each in their own personal style.

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