ACE CITY RACERS - Citalodisco - LP - Purple Vinyl

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ACE CITY RACERS - Citalodisco - LP - Purple Vinyl

ACE CITY RACERS - Citalodisco - LP - Purple Vinyl



LABEL: Last Night From Glasgow


BARCODE: 0741813558431



Side A
A1. You’ve Got The Notion
A2. Gideon Takes The Train
A3. Caught Up In The Moment
A4. Living It Loving It Largin It
A5. Gold Plated X Rated

Side B
B1. We All Sign Up
B2. Can’t Wait This Time
B3. Skinny Brittle Rhythms
B4. Citalodsico
B5. You Need Love

ACE CITY RACERS – Citalodisco

LP – Limited Edition Purple Vinyl

“Sounds like Roxy Music migrated to London to hang with Soft Boys and Blur. No bad thing I say!” – Johnny Marr

Ace City Racers specialise in jangular, short, sharp, sexy pop songs. Discovered by Stephen Street and, they recorded and released their first single ‘Waiting’ via Fred Perry and Alcopop Records. Since then the band have put on a series of guerrilla art gigs at unusual locations and have picked up a few admirers along the way including Johnny Marr.