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RECORD STORE DAY 2021 - JUNE 12th & JULY 17th

by Adrian Walshe on Apr 21, 2021

RECORD STORE DAY 2021 - JUNE 12th & JULY 17th

RSD this year will take place across 2 dates: June 12thand July 17th. Clearly we will need to observe social distancing rules in order to keep our customers and staff as safe as possible.

In order that we can maintain the principle of first come first served, but equally ensure responsible social distances practices, we are going to open the shop from 8am on Saturday 12th June and operate a socially distanced queue. Entry to the Arcade will be through the DRURY ST. GATES from 8am.

If you cannot for whatever reason attend the event we will be putting all our RSD titles still available for sale online on our website from 6pm. (We've ordered Truck Loads !!).

NOTE: If the shop is unable to open due to Covid 19 restrictions the entire event will take place online from 6pm.




  • Customers are asked to form a socially distanced queue outside the shop
  • We will be restricting the number of customers in the shop at any one time to an appropriate number
  • All customers must wear a mask.
  • All customers must use the hand sanitiser on entry
  • We may restrict the number of customers in the queue on the day if the queue becomes unwieldy.
  • Please bring a list if at all possible. The Spindizzy staff will know where everything is located in store on the day and are there to help. As space is restricted we ask customers to conduct their business in a timely fashion.
  • Stay Safe & Happy Hunting ;)