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New Releases 30.03.18

by Adrian Walshe on Mar 30, 2018

New Releases 30.03.18

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Quare Groove vol. 1 - 2 x LP € (All City)

A long time in the making.... A collection of groove, punk-funk and electro from the Irish underground in the 70s and 80s. Spread across 2 12s with extensive liner notes on printed inner sleeves. The first slate has an abundantly sweet clubbier sound of past-funk groove music. The second slate gives you an edgier angle of what the post-punkers got up to, after they too got their hands on the same danceflooring. This is really but only the beginning: There's so much more to come! An essential and somewhat forgotten document in the history of Irish music.

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Deutsche Elecktronische Musik (Record A) - 2 x LP €29.99 (Soul Jazz)

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Deutsche Elecktronische Musik (Record B) - 2 x LP €29.99 (Soul Jazz)

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Deutsche Elecktronische Musik - CD €17.99 (Soul Jazz)

Soul Jazz Records’ new 2018 edition of their long out of print classic first ‘Deutsche Elektronische Musik: Experimental German Rock And Electronic Music 1972-83’. The album features a stunning line up of groups from the so-called 'Krautrock' era including Cluster, Can, Faust, Popol Vuh, Neu!, Amon Düül, Harmonia, La Düsseldorf and Tangerine Dream, as well as a host of lesser known groups such as Kollectiv, Ibliss, Between and lots more. This new edition is fully remastered and features all the original artwork and tracks. “A near-definitive guide to some of the world’s most extraordinary music” - The Guardian. The collection is split into two double LPs (Record A and Record B), each housed in a gatefold sleeve with extensive and informative liner notes and photos. The 2 x CD comes with a booklet.

CCCL (Chris Carter's Chemistry Lessons) - Volume One - 2 x LP 23.99 (Mute)

17 years on from his last solo release, the 25 tracks collected on Chris Carter’s ‘Chemistry Lessons Volume One’ were the product of six years spent working on solo material in the Norfolk home studio he shares with long time collaborator and former Throbbing Gristle bandmate Cosey Fanni Tutti. Composed using a wide range of equipment and techniques including modular synthesis, drum machines, field recordings, custom electronics and many other disciplines. The double LP comes in two coloured vinyl discs ('frost bite blue' and 'ash grey') and includes a download code.

THE STREETS - Original Pirate Material - 2 x LP €29.99 (Rhino)

The Streets’ first album ‘Original Pirate Material’ helped to make the UK hip-hop/garage scene a force to be reckoned with on a global scale, and established Mike Skinner as a lyricist with a gift for delivering insightful observations about everyday life. Long out of print the record is repressed and released on double vinyl.

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Shaolin Funk - Episode One - 2 x LP €27.99 (Because Music)

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Shaolin Funk - Episode Two - 2 x LP €27.99 (Because Music)

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Shaolin Funk - Episode Three - 2 x LP €27.99 (Because Music)

Shaolin Soul is a collection of mainly funk and soul music that has been sampled by the legendary hip-hop group The Wu Tang Clan and their solo and side projects. Artists over the series include Ann Peebles, B.B. King, The Supremes, Baby Huey, Teddy Pendergrass, Jackson 5, The Emotions, Marvin Gaye, Gladys Knight, Al Green and many many more. All three volumes are double vinyl and come with a CD copy of the record.

ANTHROPROPHH - Omegaville - 2 x LP €21.99 (Rocket Recordings)

Anthroprophh are an outfit who take both garage-bound filth and wayward, abstract artistry to zones beyond comprehension. ‘Omegaville’ - the third release on Rocket for this power trio alongside bassist Gareth Turner and drummer Jesse Webb - lives up to its name in driving just such demented predilections into head-spinning chaos. "Structured by Allen’s admission akin to Can’s ‘Tago Mago’, this is a cliff-edge into sanity-risking overload which has much in common with the glory days of 1971- the Nurse-With-Wound list realm of record-collector gold where heavy rock, nascent prog and wilfully art-damaged netherscapes thrived." Double LP is pressed on greens and black swirled vinyl and comes housed in a gatefold sleeve.

STEVE REICH - Pulse/Quartet - LP €22.99 (Nonesuch)

Performed by International Contemporary Ensemble these compositions were written for two vibraphones and two pianos.

BEN HARPER and CHARLIE MUSSELWHITE - No Mercy In This Land - LP €24.99 (Anti)

No Mercy In This Land is a blues record. Charlie Musselwhite and Ben Harper were introduced to one another by John Lee Hooker. The legendary musician thought the two men should play together, so he brought them into the studio to record a song called simply “Burnin’ Hell.” The two remained friends and their paths periodically crossed out there on the road. But it wasn’t until 2013 that the two met up in a studio to record what would be their Grammy winning album Get Up! And as good as that record was, it was just the beginning. 180g coloured vinyl includes download code.

LEON' CREATION - This Is The Beginning - LP €15.99 (Acid Jazz)

The first reissue of this private press late 1970 San Franciscan psychedelic soul masterpiece. Led by Leon Patillo, this self-contained group took their influences from Sly And The Family Stone and Santana. Patillo would later go on to sing with his heroes Santana on their ‘Borboletta’ and ‘Festival’ albums before establishing himself as a successful gospel singer.

DEATHROW - Riders Of Doom - 2 x LP €27.99 (Noise)

DEATHROW - Raging Steel - 2 x LP €27.99 (Noise)

DEATHROW - Deception Ignored - 2 x LP €24.99 (Noise)

Limited edition re-issues of the German thrash metal band's first three albums. Limited to 2000 copies each and pressed on coloured vinyl.

DAVID KITT -Yous -LP €17.99 (All City Records)

His first album in in his own name in eight years. Yous is an understated record, a singer-songwriter record in the vein of his early work. He is accompanied mostly by guitar and the violin and voice of Margie Lewis with some underpinnings of electronics. It was recorded at home with a blend of electronics, samples and live instrumentation (with some additional production by Karl Odlum). Other contributors include Dunk ‘Sunken Foal’ Murphy, Michelle Stoddart (The Magic Numbers) and Robbie Kitt.
MF DOOM & CZARFACE - Czarface Meets Metal Face Doom - LP €24.99 (Silver Age) Rising from the wreckage of a war torn planet, Czarface joins forces with MF DOOM in the epic Czarface Meets Metal Face! Blending Doom's trademark abstractions and Czarface's in-your-face lyrical attack, this album is ripe with cartoon violence, societal observations and pop culture musings. over banging beats provided by The Czar-Keys, the armored team give you the witty unpredictable treats any hip-hop fan can sink their fangs into.
THE ALTERED HOURS - On My Tongue EP - 12" €12.99 (Art For Blind/Penske) Cork psyche rock group The Altered Hours return with a new EP - the follow uo to the great 'In Heat Not Sorry' LP from 2017. A great example of psychedelia, fuzz and shoegaze from a very 21st century band. Top notch.
TOTAL CONTROL - Henge Beat - LP €23.99 (Iron Lung) Repress of the Australian group's blistering 2011 record Henge Beat. The record joins the dots between post-punk, synth pop and kosmische. LP comes housed in a gatefold sleeve. Highly recommended!