VICTORIA CANAL - Well Well / Elegy - LP - Vinyl [AUG 18]

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VICTORIA CANAL - Well Well / Elegy - LP - Vinyl [AUG 18]

VICTORIA CANAL - Well Well / Elegy - LP - Vinyl [AUG 18]



LP - Standard Edition Black Vinyl. Featuring her two EPs combined on one LP.

Victoria Canal releases an LP featuring her two EPs on one Vinyl. On one side is her new EP Well Well and on the flip her debut Parlophone release, the Elegy EP. 24 year-old singer, songwriter, producer and activist Victoria Canal makes soul-stirring, emotive pop music.

Lead track from Well Well, ‘Company’ is a warm, heartfelt ode to friendship, and explores the liminal space that exists between platonic and queer love, landing ultimately on the fact that wanting someone around matters more than any definitions: “Honestly, I love your company”. The Elegy EP is a bittersweet collection of tracks created as a way to process grief. After experiencing creative and emotional catharsis, Canal is turning the lens back on herself to look inwards: grown from heartache and made with unabashed honesty, Well Well finds the artist at her most vulnerable—and her most courageous. This EP marks an expansion for Canal, not just thematically, but also with regard to collaborators. Working with the likes of Sean Carey (Bon Iver), Grammy winners Madison Cunningham and Jacob Collier and Tony Berg helped push the musician creatively in a way she’s never experienced before. 


1. Shape
2. She Walks In
3. Braver (featuring Madison Cunningham)
4. Yes Man (featuring S. Carey)
5. Company
6. Black Swan
7. Own Me
8. Pity Season
9. Swan Song
10. Driving Your Car