THE REGRETTES - Further Joy - CD [APR 8]

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THE REGRETTES - Further Joy - CD [APR 8]

THE REGRETTES - Further Joy - CD [APR 8]





The Regrettes release their third studio album, Further Joy, via Warner Records. The band, consisting of singer and songwriter, Lydia Night, as well as Genessa Gariano (guitar), Brooke Dickson (bass) and Drew Thomsen (drums), have written a manual for living in these times, replete with highly personalized songs about things we’re all going through. Further Joy is a step into the band’s next era, and it is their most actualized, collaborative, and vulnerable album to date.


These new songs, written in Night’s singular voice and with vast influences including Pat Benatar, Blondie, and Gwen Stefani, touch on subjects such as anxiety and mental health, feeling lost in one’s own environment, and coming to terms with one’s sexuality. They are also about hope, embracing and standing up for your inner child. A lesson she hopes fans can take away from the album is that “we all deserve happiness and to be present, and we'll never get there if we feel so much shame and guilt for not being there already,” she adds. “Don't get caught constantly chasing joy.”




01. Anxieties (Out Of Time)
02. Monday
03. That's What Makes Me Love You
04. Barely On My Mind
05. Subtleties (Never Giving Up On You)
06. La Di Da
07. Homesick
08. Better Now
09. Rosy
10. You're So Fucking Pretty
11. Step 9
12. Nowhere
13. Show Me You Want Me