MOGLI - Ravage - LP - Vinyl
MOGLI - Ravage - LP - Vinyl

MOGLI - Ravage - LP - Vinyl

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MOGLI - Ravage - LP - Vinyl

MOGLI - Ravage - LP - Vinyl

€22.99 €11.99


LP - Black Vinyl

Mogli gained recognition with the Netflix documentary Expedition Happiness that shows the recording process of the soundtrack Wanderer while travelling through North America in an old school bus. Mogli toured the US & CA as well as Europe, earned a significant social media following & sold 180K movie tickets in Germany alone. Now she´s back with her new album & accompanying movie Ravage (release May 2022). Ravage is documenting Mogli's healing process from depression and burnout that hit after she poured her soul into her music, the extensive touring & all that comes with being an independent artist. The songs themselves tackle topics important to Mogli, like self-empowerment, vulnerability, feminism, toxic masculinity and societal problems like climate change through metaphors.

While the film is centered on her lived experience, she made it more abstract and ultimately universal to everyone. As she expressed her story, she relayed her message sonically, visually, through dance, acting and costumes & it turned out to be extraordinary! With Ravage, Mogli wants to provide a missing link of connection through vulnerability to make us more empathetic and help us heal.


A1. Echo
A2. Animal
A3. The Current
A4. Mirror
A5. Interlude I (The End)
A6. Interlude II (Obsession)

B1. Ghost
B2. Poison
B3. Bones
B4. Ravage
B5. Aftermath
B6. Release