DAVID SYLVIAN - Sleepwalkers (Remastered) - CD [JUN 10]

Label: Gronland SKU: Catalogue ID: CDGRON256 Format: CD
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DAVID SYLVIAN - Sleepwalkers (Remastered) - CD [JUN 10]

DAVID SYLVIAN - Sleepwalkers (Remastered) - CD [JUN 10]



CD - Gatefold Digipak Remastered with a previously unreleased extra track "Modern Interiors".

A revised, remastered reissue of Sleepwalkers. It's a selection of collaborative work produced over the period encompassing Blemish through to Manafon, also included is compositions by Nine Horses as well as more fleeting flirtations and one-offs. neglected offspring. Represented also is long term friend and writing partner, Ryuichi Sakamoto, as well as more recent but potentially equally productive partnerships such as Christian Fennesz, Arve Henriksen and contemporary classical composer Dai Fujikura.


1. Sleepwalkers
2. Money For All
3. Do You Know Me Now?
4. Angels
5. World Citizen - I Won’t Be Disappointed
6. Five Lines
7. The Day the Earth Stole Heaven
8. Modern Interiors
9. Exit / Delete
10. Pure Genius
11. Wonderful World
12. Transit
13. World Citizen
14. The World Is Everything
15. Thermal
16. Sugarfuel
17. Trauma