CAUTIOUS CLAY - Karpeh - CD [AUG 18]
CAUTIOUS CLAY - Karpeh - CD [AUG 18]

CAUTIOUS CLAY - Karpeh - CD [AUG 18]

Label: Blue Note Catalogue ID: 5574296 Format: CD
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CAUTIOUS CLAY - Karpeh - CD [AUG 18]

CAUTIOUS CLAY - Karpeh - CD [AUG 18]




New York based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Cautious Clay takes a giant artistic leap forward with an ambitious yet introspective album about growth, conceptions of intimacy, and lineage that reveals a new side of his artistry by delving deeper than ever into his jazz influences. Throughout the album, Cautious Clay is equating his life's journey to an amalgamation of his family's past life experiences, an exploration of his present, and a universal truth that will help define his future choices.

Across the album’s 15 tracks Cautious can be heard on vocals, flute, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, guitar, synthesizer, and bass. He also invites a wide range of collaborators into the fold including guitarist Julian Lage, trumpeter Ambrose Akinmusire, saxophonist Immanuel Wilkins, vibraphonist Joel Ross, keyboardist Julius Rodriguez, bassist Joshua Crumbly, and drummer Sean Rickman. Other guests on the album include his uncle, bassist Kai Eckhardt, and the acclaimed Pakistani vocalist Arooj Aftab

Tracklist (Arranged into 3 parts):

THE PAST EXPLAINED: My early life going up in Ohio + my family's past experiences being the cornerstone of what shaped me for better + worse. Themes of unwavering self-reliance, the "tides" of family/work-life balance, race, + cultural identity are throughout this section.

1. 102 years of comedy
2. Fishtown
3. Ohio (1st single)
4. Karpehs don't flinch
5. The Tide is my Witness
6. Take a Half (skit on taking psychedelic mushrooms)

branching out from my past/family members before me embracing vices, personal gratification, and deep self-reflection - different forms of intimacy, psychedelic drugs, + togetherness are a crucial part of this section.

7. Another Half (rolls into form skit)
8. Repeat Myself
9. Glass Face
10. Walls & a Roof
11. Unfinished House

Learning how to be alone with my "thoughts" in order to be the healthiest version of myself when I am around friends, family, etc. No matter where I go in life, being alone is a beautiful + eternal truth. There are themes of greed, death, + speaking for myself/my own needs. While this section lacks alot of lyrical content, sonically it is oscillating between heavier/aggressive and more soft/mellow sonic components.

12. Blue Lips
13. Tears of Fate
14. Yesterday's Price (very instrumental)
15. Moment's Stolen