BRIAN MAY - Another World - CD [APR 22]
BRIAN MAY - Another World - CD [APR 22]

BRIAN MAY - Another World - CD [APR 22]

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BRIAN MAY - Another World - CD [APR 22]

BRIAN MAY - Another World - CD [APR 22]




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Disc 1 – Another World
(original album newly remastered by Bob Ludwig from original tapes)

1. Space (Brian May)
2. Business (Brian May)
3. China Belle (Brian May)
4. Why Don’t We Try Again (Brian May)
5. On My Way Up (Brian May)
6. Cyborg (Brian May)
7. The Guv’nor (Brian May)
8. Wilderness (Brian May)
9. Slow Down (Larry Williams)
10. One Rainy Wish (Jimi Hendrix)
11. All The Way From Memphis (Ian Hunter)
12. Another World (Brian May)
13. Being On My Own (Brian May)

BRIAN MAY – Another World

CD – Standard Edition
(With booklet.)

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The first CD is the original album Another World newly remastered by Bob Ludwig from the original master tapes, personally overseen by Brian May. The second CD Another Disc, (mastered by Adam Ayan) contains alternative versions, B-Sides and live tracks…

When Brian May finished touring his debut solo album, Back to the Light, he began to throw open his doors to fresh possibilities. “I got all these little kinds of commissions and triggers and inspirations from outside,” said Brian, who took ownership of these “triggers” and moulded them into a second solo album in his own image. Now released as the second strike in Brian’s Gold Series reissues campaign, Another World pays rich, raucous and fully felt testimony to the legendary Queen guitarist and songwriter’s roots and reach: between its expansive energies and immersive craft, the album’s world-class quality rings out.

Bursting with forceful rock anthems, open-hearted yearning, lush melodies and galvanizing guitar work, Another World sends out a gloriously irresistible invitation to do just that.

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