BLUSHING - Possessions - LP - Cloudy Clear Vinyl [MAR 18]

Label: Kanine Records SKU: Catalogue ID: KR279LPC1 Format: Vinyl
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BLUSHING - Possessions - LP - Cloudy Clear Vinyl [MAR 18]

BLUSHING - Possessions - LP - Cloudy Clear Vinyl [MAR 18]



LABEL: Kanine


BARCODE: 827175027911



Side A
01. Bed
02. Sour Punch
03. Blame (Feat. Miki Berenyi)
04. Ours
05. Surround (With Love)
06. Gel

Side B
07. The Fires
08. Possessions
09. Waster
10. Lost Cat
11. Weight
12. How It Ends

BLUSHING – Possessions

LP – Strictly Limited Edition Cloudy Clear Vinyl
(*Only 700 copies pressed in this edition.)

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Shoegaze lovers rejoice in the new sounds coming from Blushing’s new album Possessions on Kanine Records. Featuring Miki Berenyi, the front person of 90’s shoegaze, indie pop greats Lush and her new band Piroshka on the main single ‘Blame’ you instantly feel that you are transplanted back into 1990.

Focused on charismatic vocals with dreamy guitar hooks and swirling bass lines the ‘Blame’ is a strong introduction to an album filled with Dream Pop greats. To top it off Mark Gardener of Ride adds his mastering talents to the song, while also mixing an additional album track ‘The Fires’.

Blushing are a strong part of the modern dream pop and shoegaze community that has since garnished a resurgence. Enlisting long time friend Elliot Frazier of Ringo Deathstarr* to produce and engineer the album in their native Austin, TX home has helped the band create an album that is truly one that needs to be heard for all indie music lovers.

Fans of Lush, Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Slowdive won’t be able to resist this album.

See below for tracklisting…